Friday, June 5, 2015

14 LIONS vs. 1 Elephant

How an ELEPHANT Survived Attacks from 14 LIONS?!!

Elephant's Mind is Incredible!

A group of lions attacks a young elephant. After receiving a few bites and scratches, it seemed like his hour had come. Fortunately for him, the elephant shows us that the best winning strategy implies a little bit of thinking.

See for yourself below:

The elephant was badly bitten. It seems there's no way out for him.

The lions look like they're in control and would definitely kill the poor elephant.

But don't be fooled. Our big fella has indeed a big brain.

Now the lions want to pursue still the elephant?

Well, I don't think so?

Looks like the situation is now REVERSED!

For a full video see it here:

"In difficult times, don't panic. Stay calm so you can think properly."

Down the Memory Lane

Mamutong Ta!

Date: Sometime on August 2013

These are the benefits you will get from coconut. You have:
  • Coconut juice
  • Coconut Meat
  • Coconut Wine
  • Coconut lumber
  • Bunot (Scrub)
  • Everybody happy mga palaiget!

Kumander Gayla Wahab


Birada Mans!

Durian Coconut Wine

Nom ta!

Unsa to?


Smoked Fish

Smoked Squid

Unsa na toy?

Kamota bado!

Pila tanan toy?


Mano on the move!

Chief Cook

Butong na Bado?

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Scheduled Brownout

Brown-out Again. Not just ordinary brownout, but a LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG brownout.
So, what's new?